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Here at Horbury Tyres we have been supplying customers throughout the Wakefield area with car tyres & servicing for well over 30 years and have built up a reputation for being honest and trustworthy when it comes to the best tyres for your car Our large base of happy clients are a testament to that.

We understand that in this challenging economic climate, families are under ever more pressure with their finances and we also understand that your vehicle may be the source of your income. But we also believe that tyres are something that should never be compromised which is why we don’t sell cheap tyres but we stock a vast selection of high quality budget tyres that will save you some money. We have quality tyres available for hatchbacks, saloons, family cars, SUVs, 4 x 4s and vans, and our fitting centre is designed to ensure our customers’ tyres are installed efficiently, using the very latest technology.

With significant investment in both the latest tyre technology and also in keeping our highly skilled staff up to date we are able to provide you with the best expert advice available. Feel free to pop in for a FREE Tyre Check where we can offer advice and assistance on any tyre queries you may have.

Searching for car tyres in Wakefield can require a lot of time and effort but our staff will work with you to find the best tyres to suit both your tyre requirements & your budget rather than trying to up-sell you. You can choose between a broad range of reliable brands, including the likes of Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Continental, Avon, Marshal, Firestone and Dunlop among many others. If you are looking for a higher class of tyre, we offer a price match promise that if you see it anywhere else cheaper – we will match the price.

When you are looking for new tyres in Wakefield we have you covered, give us a call today for more information.

As well as tyres we also offer wheel balancing and tracking services as well as the latest in 4 wheel laser alignment.

Make Sure Your Tyres Are Legal!

Driving with damaged or worn tyres can result in a fixed penalty notice and a fine of up to £2,500 for each tyre not complying with the legal requirements.

The legal minimum depth on passenger vehicles is 1.6mm.

Wakefield tyres chart

Can you say without a doubt that your tyres have enough depth to remain legal and safe?

If not, call into Horbury Tyres today and we will be happy to check the depth of your tyres and provide impartial advice all free of charge.

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Keeping Your Tyres At The Right Pressure

While different tyres are marketed with various benefits, the efficiency of any tyre is totally dependent on having the correct tyre pressure. When the pressure isn’t right, it can have a big impact on how your car handles corners, the braking distance of your vehicle, and how much fuel your car uses.

Making sure that your tyres are inflated to the optimum pressure is a quick and easy job.

What is tyre pressure?

Tyre pressure is a measurement to indicate the amount of air that has been pumped into the inner lining of your tyre, which is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) or BAR pressure.

Tyres Wakfield - Correct Pressures

Are Your Tyres Under Inflated Or Over Inflated?

When the pressure inside your tyre is below the recommended tyre pressure then your tyre is under inflated, alternatively if the pressure inside your tyre is above the recommended tyre pressure then your tyre is over inflated Having tyres which are either under inflated or over inflated can cause specific problems for your car tyres. As you can see in the diagram above, these differing levels of tyre pressure change how the tyre comes into contact with the road.

Under inflated tyres: When your tyres are under inflated then they will have uneven contact with the road. If you don’t check your tyre pressures regularly and they are left under inflated for a prolonged period of time, then they will wear on the inside and outside edges of the tread more quickly than normal, reducing the lifespan of your tyres.

Having low tyre pressure can also lead to increased rolling resistance with the road. As more energy is required to move your car as a result of the tyre becoming deformed on the road this reduces the fuel efficiency of your car and creates higher CO2 emissions!

Over Inflated Tyres: Having too much air in your tyres can be just as damaging as well. When your tyres are over inflated, they have a smaller ‘contact area’, which means that less of your tyre is in contact with the road. With less of the tread in contact with the road leads to a loss of traction, giving your car poorer braking distances and decreased handling.

As with having under inflated, having over inflated tyres will also negatively affect how your tyre wears. Over inflated tyres will normally have uneven and heavy wear across the central part of the tyre.

To avoid having under inflated or over inflated tyres it is important that you check your tyres regularly and inflate them to the recommended pressures.

Should You Go For The Maximum Or The Optimum Tyre Pressure

On the sidewall of your tyres you should be able to see the maximum pressure (in PSI) for that particular tyre. This measurement tells you what is the maximum pressure that your tyre should be inflated to so that it can carry its maximum load. The maximum pressure is usually somewhere between 30 and 32 PSI.

As this measurement is the maximum, this doesn’t mean that you should always inflate your tyre to that pressure. When tyres are inflated to their maximum PSI, but not carrying their maximum load then the handling characteristics can change slightly. You might notice improved cornering, but as with over inflated tyres the braking threshold will change as your tyre doesn’t have as much give on the sidewall, making it easier to lose control of the vehicle when braking.

Always inflating your tyres to the maximum PSI, can also lead to quicker wear at the centre of your tyre as well.

What is the optimum tyre pressure to avoid this happening?

All manufacturers provide information about the optimum tyre pressure listed in your owner’s manual, on a sticker in the door jam or on the fuel flap, or somewhere in the console.

If you have purchased the right size tyre for your car then following the manufacturer’s guidelines for the recommended PSI to inflate your tyres too will help you to get the best possible performance and lifespan from your tyres.

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